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About Us

MSW Consulting, Inc. is based in Florida and was formed by Rob McKeown in early 2000 to provide consulting services to the ethanol industries of the following countries: the United States, Canada, Trinidad and Australia. The company has since expanded to include work in the biodiesel and chemical industries. The team has gained industry experience by designing and constructing multiple production plants as well as through operating and managing many of the plants that were constructed.

MSW Consulting, Inc. has performed work for some of the major Design-Build Contractors in the ethanol industry including Fagen, Inc., American Ethanol, Delta-T, Praj Industries, Merinus LLC.

MSW Consulting, Inc. was directly responsible for the design of many of the systems in California’s first 25 million gallon per year ethanol plant. MSW Consulting Inc. was also involved in procuring equipment and assisting with the management of contractors during construction of the plant. The plant took 10 months to build and started up in August of 2005.

MSW Consulting has successfully designed ethanol plants that produce ethanol from feed stocks such as corn, wheat, sorghum, lactose (whey), and citrus peel.

MSW Leadership Team

Robert McKeown, President

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Rob has 30+ years experience in progressive levels of management with mining, pulp & paper and ethanol industries.  Rob has served as a general manager, plant manager, operations manager and maintenance manager in various ethanol plants throughout the past two decades.  Rob has lead the design of or been a major contributor in the design of [9] ethanol plants and a major factor in the construction of [5] plants having a combined capacity of [75] MGPY.

O. Wayne Mitchell, PE

Wayne has 30+ years of experience in various engineering and management roles. Wayne has served on the Board of Directors for thirteen fuel ethanol plants during construction and operation.  He also served as the Senior Vice-President, Technology & Business Development for 7 years at Fagen Inc. in Granite Falls, Minnesota. Wayne’s efforts in the ethanol industry has directly resulted in the construction of over 50 fuel ethanol projects in less than 5 years having a combined capacity of in excess of 3.5 billion gallons per year of fuel ethanol.  Wayne received his Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1979.

Roy Eyjolfson

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Roy has 30+ years of management experience in Ethanol.  Roy spent 18 exciting years as a plant manager and plant engineer at Crown Royal [Seagram].  Following his time with Seagram, Roy spent a number of years at Katzen International, Bifrost Bio-Blends Ltd., and more recently, here at MSW Consulting Inc. Roy received his Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology/Chemistry from the University of Manitoba in Canada.  Roy has a keen understanding of process engineering and plant operations providing our clients with experienced insight rooted in practicality.

James Knight

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James has 6 years of process engineering & project management experience in the ethanol, biodiesel, and algae oil industries.  James has been a part of the MSW team for the last 4 years leading various projects such as: designing ethanol plants; distillation system; steel structures; flash systems; and management support during plant construction.  James received his Master’s Degree in Chemistry Entrepreneurship from Case Western Reserve University and his Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Chemistry from Eastern Michigan University.

Industry Partners:

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