MSW Consulting, Inc.

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Full Service Design and Consulting Services:

Small Project EPC Focus ($1M-$20M)

Process Design

Project Management

Structural Design & Fabrication

Cost-Effective Solutions:

Flexible designs

Utilize new-surplus & used equipment

Refurbish existing equipment

Exceptional Timeline:

35 MGPY Corn Ethanol Plant – 10 Months

5.25 MGPY Methanol Distillation System – 6 Month

75 MGPY Biodiesel  Plant Remodel – 13 Month

MSW Consulting, Inc. is a full service consulting firm. We specialize in ethanol, biodiesel, and chemical process industries. Our company has worked across the country and around the world designing, procuring equipment, constructing, and consulting for clients. We work with our clients to represent their interests and execute projects to fit their needs and to follow any constraints that they may have. Our clients are satisfied with our team's ability

to deliver results in accordance with budget constraints and demanding

schedules while providing exceptional technical leadership.

MSW Consulting, Inc.