MSW Consulting Inc. has developed the MSW Reflux Relaxation (“MRR”) System, a proprietary system designed to reduce extractive distillation reflux requirements for minimum-boiling azeotropic mixtures by 5-10% (equivalent to 20-40 GPM for a 100 MGPY Ethanol Plant).  The bolt on MRR system accomplishes this by optimizing specific inefficiencies present in all major ethanol distillation technologies including: ICM, Delta-T, Katzen, Praj, Thermal Kinetics, and others.  The MRR System is extremely non-invasive, requiring only a few tie-ins into existing lines (including the Reflux line).  Robust, reliable, and cost effective, the MRR System will improve your Plant’s thermal efficiency. 

* Based on a 100 MGPY Dry Grind Corn Ethanol Plant | 85% Boiler Efficiency | HHV/LHV of 1.1


additional SOFT BENEFITS:

  • Provides Opportunity for Additional Energy Optimization
  • Reduces load on Cooling Tower by 3 – 6 MMBTU/hr
  • Decreases Side Stripper Bottoms by 6 – 12 GPM (for distillation systems with direct inject steam)
  • Decreases Evaporator Condensate by 6 – 12 GPM (for distillation systems with direct inject steam)
  • Increases Backset by 12 – 24 GPM (for distillation systems with evaporator sourced direct inject steam)
  • Debottlenecks Distillation | Reduces traffic by 5% to 10% at the top section of the rectifier


Practical Designs through Hands-on Experience:

MSW Consulting Inc.’s (“MSWCI”) Senior Principals have a combined experience of more than 100 years in the ethanol industry.  Our staff has served as general managers, plant managers, operations managers, maintenance managers, plant engineers, and project engineers in various ethanol plants throughout the United States & Canada over the past 25 years.  MSWCI wants to be part of your success by offering you incremental efficiency improvement projects. 

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