MSW Consulting, Inc. was directly responsible for the design of many of the systems in California’s first 25 million gallon per year ethanol plant. MSW Consulting Inc. was also involved in procuring equipment and assisting with the management of contractors during construction of the plant. The plant took 10 months to build and started up in August of 2005.

MSW Consulting has successfully designed ethanol plants that produce ethanol from feed stocks such as corn, wheat, sorghum, lactose (whey), and citrus peel.

Structural Design

  • Sieve Bottle Platform Addition
  • Energy Center Catwalk
  • Platform Extension [1]
  • Energy Center Instrument Access Platforms
  • Beer Stripper Distributor Support

Process Design

  • 5MGPY Whey Permeate Ethanol Production Plant
  • 30MLPY Sorghum Ethanol Plant
  • Methanol Distillation System[1]
  • Methanol Distillation System[2]
  • VOC Vapor Scrubber (ultra-low water)
  • 2-Stage Flash System
  • Waste Treatment System (Citrus)
  • 60 Acre Algae Oil Pilot Plant
  • 4MGPY Citrus Alcohol Plant

Project Management

  • 75MGPY Biodiesel Plant – Refurbishment
  • 25MGPY Corn Ethanol Plant
  • 3MGPY Wheat Ethanol Plant
  • 4.5MGPY Corn Ethanol Plant Expansion (2x capacity)
  • 13MGPY Corn Ethanol Plant
  • 30MGPY Corn Ethanol Plant


Renewable Fuel Standard 2 (RFS2) Third Party Engineering Review

  • Grain-based Ethanol
  • Renewable Biodiesel
  • Cellulosic Ethanol

Select List of Clients

•    Absolute Energy LLC.
       Agra Industries
•    Agron Bioenergy
•    American Process, Inc.
•    Atlantec Bioenergy
•    Bio Alternative, LLC
•    Blue Lake Citrus
•    California Ethanol & Power, LLC
•    Cargill Inc.
•    Caseus Energy, LLC
•    Channel Biorefinery & Terminals
•    Citrus Energy, LLC
•    Christianson & Associates, PLLP
•    Delta Energy
•    Delta T
•    Ethanol America, LLC
•    Ethanol Solutions
•    Fagen Inc.
•    Glacial Lakes Energy, LLC
•    Global Ethanol, LLC
•    Green Gallon Solutions, LLC
•    Greenbelt Resources Corp
•    Highwater Ethanol
•    Homeland Energy
•    L&M Ethanol Maintenance Contracting Inc.
•    Louis Dreyfus Commodities
•    Master Recycling, Inc.
•    North Star Biofuels, LLC
•    Pacific Ethanol, Inc.
•    Parallel Products, Inc.
•    Phoenix Bio Industries, LLC
•    Phycal, Inc.
•    Praj Industries
•    Pure Mash
•    Rocky Point Distillery
•    SeQuential Biofuels, Inc