MSW Consulting Inc. has developed the MSW Energy Recovery (“MER”) System, a proprietary system designed to capture a large quantity of the notoriously low quality “waste energy” present in plant exhaust gas.  More than 250 MMBTU/hr of waste energy is lost out the Stack in a typical 100 MGPY Dry Mill Corn Ethanol Plant.  The MER System captures the low quality energy from ethanol plant exhaust streams and transforms it into high quality steam energy.  Every pound of steam generated by the MER System reduces the steam load on the boilers by one pound and reduces the load on the Stack Coils proportionately.

* Based on a 100 MGPY Dry Grind Corn Ethanol Plant | 85% Boiler Efficiency | HHV/LHV of 1.1


additional SOFT BENEFITS:

  • Eligible for State and/or Federal Energy Efficiency Grants such as the USDA’s REAP Grant ($500,000)
  • Allows sub-250 oF Stack Temperatures without the formation of unwanted corrosive condensation
  • Reduction in HRSG Blower power consumption
  • Reduction in T.O. maximum temperature (extends life of equipment)
  • Debottlenecks Plant Steam Production | Plants can utilize the full capacity of their existing boilers and utilize 100% of the steam produced by the MER System for a net increase of up to 75%
  • Decreases plant make-up water by 80 – 150 GPM



MSW Consulting Inc.'s ("MSWCI") Senior Principals have a combined experience of more than 100 years in the ethanol industry. Our staff has served as general managers, plant managers, operations managers, maintenance managers, plant engineers, and project engineers in various ethanol plants throughout the United States and Canada over the 25 years. MSWCI wants to be part of your success by offering you incremental efficiency improvement projects.

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