Dry Grind Corn Ethanol Plants utilizing low pressure steam for evaporation and other duties have a unique opportunity to transform inexpensive thermal energy into more expensive electrical energy at an efficiency approaching 95%.  When a plant’s boilers produce high pressure steam and when a large quantity of low pressure steam is required in the process, a back pressure steam turbine can act as a pressure reducing device and convert that pressure energy (along with additional thermal energy) directly into electricity.

The examples provided in the table below are based on past projects and are intended to illustrate cost savings based on Plant Low Pressure Steam Load.  Actual BPST performance is affected by detailed plant operating conditions.



  • Eligible for State and/or Federal Energy Efficiency Grants such as the USDA’s REAP Grant ($500,000)
  • Ability to generate electricity with low cost Natural Gas reducing reliance on Power Utility
  • Relatively high generation efficiency of BPST provides a natural hedge to increases in power rates
  • Net reduction of 0.1 – 0.2 kg of CO2 Green House Gas Emissions per gallon of ethanol produced


Practical Designs through Hands-on Experience:

MSW Consulting Inc.’s (“MSWCI”) Senior Principals have a combined experience of more than 100 years in the ethanol industry.  Our staff has served as general managers, plant managers, operations managers, maintenance managers, plant engineers, and project engineers in various ethanol plants throughout the United States & Canada over the past 25 years.  MSWCI wants to be part of your success by offering you incremental efficiency improvement projects.



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